Monday, February 16, 2009

Post Valentine Post

Reading Suburb Sanity tonight and her post for Valentine’s Day, I thought maybe I’d talk a little about Rick and I. Where to start?

We were high school sweethearts (sigh). We married at the end of my senior year and Justin was born before our first anniversary. We struggled and played for a couple of years, then divorced for a couple of years. Finally we decided we couldn’t live without each other (another sigh). We’ve been married (this time) for 33 years, that’s kind of weird when your only child is 36, but that makes life more interesting.

He celebrates our first anniversary and I celebrate our second, so needless to say we don’t really do anything for either one. Not that I really care, sometimes he has to remind me that it’s our anniversary (which one?) Anyway, anniversaries have never been a huge deal to me.

Now one un-holiday, Father’s Day, is kind of a favorite of mine. Those wonderful male type people that plan National Guard summer camp must not want to be home for Father’s Day. For many years Rick was gone on this day. So……one year I got the brilliant idea to order Victoria’s Secret “stuff” and have it delivered directly to him at Camp Williams. So for a few years, during mail call on the Saturday before Father’s Day, he would receive a special package from “Vickie” and keep all the guys guessing. Rick loves to joke, and he takes as well as he gives, so he loved the questions and raised eyebrows the packages brought.

The first Valentine’s Day Rick was away from home, still in Mississippi training for Iraq, I was at work as usual and in walked Marilyn and Margene from Albertsons, carrying the most beautiful red-tipped, yellow roses I’d ever seen. Still makes me cry thinking about it. He’s so cute, HE loves yellow roses with red tips, so he will occasionally bring them home from work and he always says “they’re your favorite, aren’t they”? The same kind of roses arrived by the same delivery girls the next Valentine’s Day when Rick was in Iraq. He has some very thoughtful friends at work, and he loves me.

We’ve now been married quite a while, we’ve pretty much gotten used to each others weird issues (not that I have any). He’s become my best friend over the years. He’s the one I want to spend time with, whether it’s at home arguing over the TV changer and whether I can read AND watch TV at same time or not, or going out to a nice restaurant, he’s the one. We don’t go to too many movies, he kind of has a “don’t like movies” block, but I really just want the big bucket of popcorn anyway.

So, when he gets home next Sunday I’ll be on my very best behavior so he knows just how much I’ve missed him these past 2 ½ weeks. I’ll try to weasel a movie out of him, and he might agree and then I’ll probably want to stay home where it’s warm and cozy. We’ll probably compromise with me bringing dinner home from Costa Vida, and enjoy ourselves and an evening at home with Baxter and the Bonz’.

Rick and I at Kits Beach, Vancouver, BC July 2008

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

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Quincy, Shay, Tanner and Rick in their 3D glasses enjoying the commercials.

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Mom, aka Sweetheart Grandma, stunning in her 3D's.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday

This picture is me in front of a store called "JB and Me" in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is a cute store with fun, funky stuff. Justin spent the week with me in Grand Rapids in August last year and we stumbled onto this store. He has a picture like this with him pointing to the sign, which he promises to send. This sign has significance because we have some very dear friends that nicknamed him "JB", for, of course, Justin Bonzo. Albo has since passed on but his beautiful wife Maggie "Muggs" still calls him JB, even though he's now 36, and he still loves her for it. So, some very special times in my life have been spent with just "JB and Me".
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