Friday, April 22, 2011

Okay Jill

Jill added a comment on my last post wondering where my resolve had gone. So now I'm feeling guilty that I haven't posted my progress. I haven't made the time to update much, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten that I trying to improve myself.

I'll do a good update this weekend, but for now I'll just say I don't think I've lost an ounce. That's a hard thing because I've been running 4 days a week for the past 3 weeks and a little less the week before that. I'm getting a good workout and I really thought I'd start to notice a difference by now, since I've been so not into workouts for quite a while. I'm running a 5k, 3.2 miles. I'll run for 2 miles, walk for about a quarter mile then run the rest. I'm not running fast, my best time for 5k has been 36 minutes. While that's not slacking, it's also not fast.

One thing I'm noticing is that I'm looking forward to working out, and I haven't felt that way for a long time. I have a conference in St. George next week so I'll try the outside thing for the first time this year. That's what I'm really looking forward to, outside running. I've been plotting a course in my area. Since moving into our new house in 2006, I've only run a 2 mile course. My first outside run in my area will be about 4 miles, and I'm sure I won't run the whole way, but I'm starting with a longer run so I will get used to that distance and progress from there. It's kind of fun to think of running in my "new" area. There are more options than in the Garden Park area. I used to run up Minersville Highway to the old turn on Hwy 91 and back, which was 5 miles round trip. My all-time favorite run was from the KB Express in Fiddlers Canyon, home to Garden Park. Rick would drop me off there on his way to work - I absolutely loved that run.

As you can see I'm pretty excited. Short post on steroids. More ramblings over the weekend.

Peace out! (for Megan)