Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was a little sad. We were missing Paul, who we lost in September this year. We had a special candle lighting and reading for him Christmas Eve at Rick's folks house. We watched a video Todd had put together, cried and talked about Paul. There is a hole in our family that only Paul could fill. We miss him but are grateful for our knowledge of the Gospel, and that we can be together again.

After we left Rick's parents, we went to Randy and Collette's house. We had great food, I ate too many of Randy's candied nuts (way good), and enjoyed watching Lindsay's and Nate's cute kids, as they negotiated with their parents about what time they could get up Christmas morning. The story Randy read this year was The Last Straw and we got a cute bag of straw for our tree. I love going to their home on Christmas Eve, spending time with their family and mom.

Our Christmas this year was amazing. We started off the day at home, the 3 of us, 4 counting Baxter. I let Baxie out to use the bathroom about 6 a.m. When he came back in, he went right over to the couch and picked up one of the toys Santa left him, then went directly into Justin's bedroom and got up on the bed with him. It was like he knew exactly which was his Santa stuff, cute dog!

Anyway, Justin came upstairs about 7 and yelled "get up" to his dad, to no avail. I guess it's still tradition for Rick to refuse to get out of bed until he's good and ready. After he finally got up we got to see what Santa had brought, too much as usual, and then left for mom's.

Danny and Barb, Randy and Collette and Rick and I all buy gifts for mom's Christmas stockings. It's the highlight of the morning to watch her go through the stockings and "Ooooo and Ahhhh" over each little item. This year was no exception, we thoroughly enjoyed being with her and together Christmas morning. We ate delicious breakfast casseroles and ham and stuffed ourselves to the point we needed naps, which none of us got.

We then went to Rick's mom and dad's and enjoyed watching them go through their stockings. We gave Rick's dad a rubber chicken that appears to lay an egg, but it's still in the sack, pretty gross, but he laughed a lot at it. Eric and Lisa and their family and Scott and Lori were there and it was so fun to be together. It's been a while since Scott has been to family functions, it was great to have him there again. Justin's room mate, Chris, had arrived from Vancouver, BC while we were at Rick's parents. It was great to have him with us too.

Traditionally Rick's family and some of mine come out on Christmas afternoon. This year his parents, Eric and Lisa and their family, Scott and Lori, mom, Danny and Barbara came out, and we had invited a very good friend, Kristin McClellan, to come out too. We just hung out, ate, laughed and tried out my new weighted hoola hoop. It was pretty fun and funny at times. Now we'll see if I use it like I'm planning to do.

This Christmas I enjoyed our families more than ever, maybe I'm growing up after all. Remember I said "growning up" not getting old. Love this time of year and the feelings of a new beginning, lots of excited thoughts going through my head. I don't like New Year's resolutions, but I have plans for some good changes in my life. I'll keep you posted as my list developes.

Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

I'm sitting in my room at Planet Hollywood, waiting for 1:42 a.m. when Justin will arrive for Christmas - YAY!!!!! He'll be here for 12 days, well technically 11.5 days, does the 18th count since he's traveling? Who knows. I just know we'll have a great time. I only have to work on the 28th and 29th while he's home. Happy, happy, happy.

When my brothers and I were young, on Christmas morning we had to wait until the three of us, along with mom and dad, were up before anyone could go see what Santa had left. Randy and Danny slept downstairs so mom or dad would lead them through the kitchen, through the front room (with their eyes closed so they couldn't see the presents), and into the hallway. I would be anxiously waiting in the hallway with mom or dad (they didn't trust me not to peak at the gifts) for the boys to get there. We would then all go into the front room together and be amazed we had been that good during the year to receive the gifts we each desired.

Rick, Justin and I have continued this tradition in our little family. When Justin was young, there were some Christmas mornings that he and I were ready to string Rick up for being such a tease and whining about getting up so early. We would then (after the lazy butt got up) go into the front room where we were surprised by our gifts.

Now we go downstairs into the family room, all together, and take turns going through our Santa gifts. We are a small little family, but are not lacking in love and enjoyment on Christmas, as well as any time we are together.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today is my last day of work until the 28th. I don't think I've ever had that much time off and just stayed around here. I'm going on to Vegas on Friday to pick Justin up for Christmas, and I can hardly contain myself. We are staying at Planet Hollywood, and you know there are major good stores right there, won't have to leave the hotel after I check in. It will be a fun day and topped off with the best present ever, Justin coming home for Christmas. We have such fun together and Saturday coming home will be awesome. Of course we'll have to do a "little" shopping in Vegas before heading home. Rick's probably glad he'll be home with Baxter and not shopping with us.

A Christmas tradition that I love is Rick's family coming to our house the afternoon of Christmas. We have done this for a long time, even before we really had room, but it was just as fun then as it is now. We usually miss Todd, Lorie and the kids, they spend their Christmas day in St. George with friends. As the kids get older, it's hard for them to travel on Christmas.

Anyway, Eric, Lisa and their kids come up in the late afternoon, as do Rick's mom and dad, all other family that happen to be around are also included. We just hang out and visit, eat cold ham left over from breakfast at moms (post later about that), chips, and whatever else happens to be on the bar. I love spending time with them, and I love my nieces and nephews and now some of them are having children of their own, which just makes it more fun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 days of traditions

I was thinking this morning that I should write about our Christmas traditions. I checked out what Collette has been writing on Facebook and her posts brought such good memories and feelings. Some of my favorite traditions are hers also, rightfully so, we are together for many of the special times.

First off, let me say how grateful I am for my sisters-in-law. I have the best sisters-in-law ever, both the Cowan's and the Bonzo's, they're great! My Christmas memories and traditions center around family and the good times we've had over the years.

One of my favorite traditions is Christmas Eve at Randy and Collette's. We go down and hang out and eat yummy food that Collette prepares. We love spending time with their family and feel so blessed to be able to share in their Christmas Eve. Depending on what kids of theirs are home for Christmas, they come down and the kids get to open one present, PJ's, and they immediately put them on.

Each year Randy and Collette find a fun new Christmas book, we all gather round Randy as he reads the Christmas book, my favorite thing. Then Collette gives us each a little gift that goes along with the story. I have no idea where they find these gifts, I'm pretty sure Santa has something to do with it. Last year we got a tiny pair of wooden shoes, one year we got a peace dove. Anyway, we look forward to this tradition each year.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my 56th birthday. Sounds ancient to those I know who are younger than 40, but it's all a matter of perspective. When I was in my 20's and 30's, people who were 65 had one foot in the grave. Now, here I am just 9 years away from that ripe old age, and guess what? I may be getting older, but I'm also getting better. Just ask Rick. Lol!

I am enjoying being more relaxed about things that really used to bug me. Things like needing people to like me, having people like the way I dressed, having the best and latest of things, (at all costs). Now it's pretty important that I like how I dress, and jeans aren't the most comfortable pants I own, so I only wear them when I'm feeling thinner. I used to try to get my mom to wear Levi's when I was young, you know, I wanted her to be more amazing than she already was to my friends. She refused, now I know why, it takes a while to get smarter about that stuff, and moms are always right. I still want people to like me, but it doesn't make or break my day if they aren't that happy with me.

I am able to admit my mistakes (who me?) easier than I used to. I must have more self confidence than I used to, but I now realize that we are all human, including me, therefore we all make mistakes.

I still love my house to be clean, but I no longer think people judge me by how many of Baxter's paw prints they can see on the floor.

Not quite the actual size of Baxter's paw, but darn close. Actually, Baxter's is probably a little larger, he weighs about 120 pounds. Love that boy!

I guess as I've "matured", I find that I'm less judgmental of others, so I cut myself some slack too.

With Christmas coming I'm reminded that I now include Christ more in our celebrations than I used to. Presents aren't necessary anymore for me to have a good time, just my family around me makes me very happy and content.

And I'm about 10 pounds heavier than I want to be, but that too doesn't matter like it used to. I think it's not only the growing up process, but also Rick's service in Iraq, that put things in a better perspective for me. Some "stuff" just doesn't matter as much any more.

Then there are those things that matter more. My family has always been a huge part of my life, but I now look at them through different eyes and honestly realize that without them life wouldn't be worth living. They make me happy, they are the reason that I do what I do.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ now plays a bigger part in my life than ever before, I only wish I would have felt this many years earlier. I missed a lot of time not being totally committed.

I love my job and my friends that I work with. I've had many "happy birthday's" today from friends and family alike. I am so blessed and I'll try harder in the year ahead to show my gratitude.

The best birthday wish I received today came from my little mom. She called me before I came to work to wish me happy birthday and said "You were my Christmas present". Made me cry. But,I thought about what she said and I guess I probably was her Christmas present that year. With 2 older brothers (who I love very much, they taught me way cool stuff growing up, like how to count to 10 burping) and since her and dad didn't know if I was a boy or a girl, being born just before Christmas, I guess I was a Christmas present that year. My mom is such a sweetheart, the most Christlike person I know, what a blessing it is for me to be her "Christmas present".

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gratitude - day diecisiete

Happy Thanksgiving!. Today I am most thankful for family, what would Thanksgiving be without families? I'm grateful today for all those who have sacrificed so I can celebrate, worship, work and play as I chose. It was 5 years ago last night that the Triple Deuce was put on activation alert, brave men preparing to leave home and family. I'm so grateful for their safe return, bless them all this Holiday Season.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gratitude - day dieciséis

Gratitude's for Wednesday: Justin coming for Christmas because I'm really missing him this Thanksgiving!

I'm grateful for a nice hot shower, beautiful blue skies, sunshine, my neighborhood and great neighbors.

Andrew, Eric and pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

My mom.

I'm grateful for Andra and her service, she's amazing, and also for her Whole Wheat Cottage Cheese Roll recipe that I'm making for Thanksgiving dinner.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gratitude - day quince

Sam, the best visiting teacher ever, putting up Christmas lights with Rick, Michelle and bleach, sunshine, service opportunities. No work again tomorrow, maybe I'll decorate, maybe I'll get a manicure, maybe I'll visit Wet Willies. That's what's so good about a vacation day at home.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gratitude - day catorce

Grateful that I'm done with the dentist for today, for Baxter getting his Thanksgiving "do" and slipper feet trimmed for the winter,computers, vacation time AT HOME, Youth Corrections tonight (sharing time with Daniel), experiencing the beautiful blue sky and sunshine from inside a warm house, warm house slippers.

I was thinking about the dentist and the difference between now and when I was younger. I had a mean dentist, I mean he was cruel. I hated the shots, so I usually refused to let him give me one (stupidity running rampant on my part). Needless to say the drilling was a killer and I would cry - sometimes I'd cry a lot. I remember one visit when I was crying and I wouldn't stop, he actually put his hand over my mouth to get me to shut-up. In retrospect, I should have taken a chunk out of his chunky hand. Anyway he was MEAN!!! Of course I was a little angel!?!????

His office would call every six months, almost on the dot. My mom worked so they had to call her on Saturday at home. I wouldn't dare say I was "inspired", more likely I had a premonition that a certain Saturday phone call was from the dentist from hell, so I'd go downstairs and ever so quietly pick up the phone and listen to my mom make my appointment.

And, don't ever think for one minute that I forgot when the appointment was scheduled. When the dreaded day arrived, I would either have the flu or a cold, and mom would have to cancel the appointment. All I was really doing was putting off the inevitable. I always had to go at a later date, which only extended my nightmares.

My sweet mom was always so concerned about my health, and so very trusting of her "innocent" daughter, that she never connected the dots. She always believed my "illnesses". It wasn't until years, I mean YEARS later, that I finally confessed. She was actually surprised. She has told me since then that she feels bad she didn't change dentists because I was so afraid of ours. I went about 17 years in between visits years ago. I now have a great dentist, he does a great job and I like him as a person, but he is, after all, still a DENTIST.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gratitude - day trece

I missed Saturday gratitude's which doesn't mean I wasn't grateful for lots of stuff, just busy cleaning.

Grateful today for a clean house.

The Primary Program at church, it was amazing. The Primary Presidency are a great group, they love the kids and it showed today. Grateful to Joanna Ellis for all her hard work getting the program ready. She'll probably have a really long nap this afternoon.

Old Navy "Just Bottoms".

Sunday afternoon nap, reading, watching TV, whatever.

Moms for dinner tonight. Love to see the family.

NO WORK TOMORROW. Oh, and NO WORK UNTIL NOVEMBER 30TH. Yea, decorate, play and eat this week.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gratitude - day doce

Gratitude's for today FRIDAY November 20, 2009. I guess you can tell one of my gratitude's for today is that it is Friday. Love my job and those I work with, but Friday's are great.

Grateful today for a cute, weird boy son who loves his grandma so much. For her birthday, he sent her a huge fortune cookie with a fortune inside from him to her. It made her so happy. He's so thoughtful, such fun, and I'm sooooo excited to have him with us for Christmas, can hardly wait.

I'm also grateful today for going to lunch with best friend Renon, we have such a good time together, good conversations, laughter, tears, we share it all.

Had book club last night. I read "Grace" by Richard Paul Evans, good book but kinda sad. Get to start a new book this weekend, "The Lost Symbol". I'm excited.

Vacation time that has to be used by the end of the year. I'm taking all of next week off and I'm excited to get our Christmas stuff out.

I'm grateful for The Book of Mormon and the reading I'm doing. I'll be done by the end of the year, and I'm learning so much.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gratitude - day once

Gratitudes for today:

Water, love water, I drink close to a gallon each day. Mom says I've done that since I was a child.

My health.

Rick (he's starting the Christmas lights today).

Randy, because it's the day after his surgery and all is well.

Good books, I love to read. Right now I'm reading "Grace" by Richard Paul Evans. I belong to a book club and that's my choice for November.

Quiet, early mornings at home before starting my day at work. This morning I "used" my treadmill, did a few exercises, then read my scriptures, before getting ready to come to work. Rick has today off, so he and Baxter were still snoozing. It was a quiet, peaceful morning.

Now on to the rest of my day, finding things along the way to add to my gratitude list.

By the way, we had a great time at Rusty's last night. Missed family that couldn't be there, we'll do it again soon. Mom is an awesome, beautiful lady that I love so much. Here is a picture from our party last night, isn't she cute!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude - day diez

Gratitudes for November 18, 2009. My mom - it's her 88th birthday today and she is awesome. Grateful for her example, her unconditional love, her patience, her laugh, going to Rusty's tonight to celebrate the wonderful woman she is. She is the glue that keeps our family close. When I grow up I want to be just like her. She's my hero.

She has been surviving without my dad for over 25 years and she stays positive and happy. She loves her family, especially the little ones, they really make her happy. She is a great example of how Christ would like us all to live, kind, loving, giving, long suffering, she is truly enduring (and very well) to the end.

I love you mom and look forward to many more Rusty's dinners to celebrate your day.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gratitude-day nueve

Today I'm grateful for staying in bed one whole hour longer, 4:30 didn't happen today. I'm grateful for the holiday feeling that is taking over my body, for good friends that sometimes visit with me too much, for a job that I enjoy coming to each day, for upcoming changes at work.

I'm especially grateful today for the example of others in my life and for life itself.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gratitude - day ocho

Gratitudes for today. Carol, who has become a very good friend; a door to my office (so I can close myself in); a pedicure with my cute little mom for lunch; Youth Corrections and Daniel; sunshine, car seat heaters, and my treadmill.

By the way, I have no idea why I started doing my day numbers in Spanish. Sometimes you say "Uno" instead of one, that's what I did and now I can't stop until Thanksgiving of over. Maybe I'll learn a little Spanish along the way.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gratitude day siete

Sacrament Meeting was awesome today. Not necessarily the speakers, but the Spirit was so strong today. The choir sang The Battle Hymn of The Republic, a song that I love. My Relief Society Secretary, Susan Lewis, was the accompanist, and she was looking forward to the song being done, it's a very hard piece. She did an amazing job, she made Sacrament Meeting special for me, as I watched her play and felt the Spirit touch my spirit.

That being said, gratitude's for today: Susan, Alma 29:9, Church callings, quiet Sunday afternoons spent reading and napping, spending Sunday evenings eating with family, and my favorite Sunday evening activity; talking to my weird boy on the phone. Love talking to Justin!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gratitude day seis

Rick didn't have to work today, so today I'm grateful for a Saturday at home with him. We get about 2 every year, he works almost every weekend. I'm grateful today for Rick cleaning up my flower pots, a warm house that keeps me safe and out of the cold wind, mom going grocery shopping with me and Angie.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Gratitude day cinco

Today I'm grateful for Rick coming home from Camp Williams, 10 days apart was long enough. I'm grateful for the beautiful snow storm we had and the much needed moisture it brought. I'm grateful tonight for Panda Express.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gratitude - Day Cuatro

This week has been hard at work. We have had some of the meanest people call and yell at us. So today I'm very grateful for the awesome people I work with, they are the best. I work in a great office, and usually the customers are our friends, but this week has been the exception. So much gratitude today goes out to my co-workers, good job! Especially Kristin - she is truly a saint.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gratitude day tres

Today I'm thankful for service men and women, past and present. I'm thankful to them for fighting for my freedom, so I can play, work and worship as I chose.

I'm thankful for a father-in-law and father that served. I'm also grateful to Randy and Shay for their service, I have an awesome family.

Then there's Rick, what can I say? What a blessing his service has been in our lives. These are my hero's, and I honor them today

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gratitude Day dos (Not uno that was yesterday)

1) Warm weather so I can wear sandals and skirt one more time
2) Warm heater under my desk to keep my bare legs and toes warm
3) Going home after work with no place else to go

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thankfulness Month

Okay, so I'm a little slow in getting with the program. November is already 9 days old and I haven't posted any gratitudes. I'll start today, not guaranteeing how many I'll do each day, some days I may only have one thing that I'm thankful for. Not really, but some days I may only want to write one thing.

Today I'm REALLY thankful to be Relief Society President, can't say why, too many reasons. Just know that I'm very, very grateful for this blessing in my life.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paul's weekend and playing in the water

Rick's brother Paul passed away last week. He has struggled for some time different issues, and the time came that his body said, that's enough. He passed away, peacefully, surrounded by his family. His son, Dayne and daughter Caitlyn were there by his side, as were his parents, brothers and numerous others who love him.

It was a hard, sad time, but the family love in that room was overwhelming. There was a lot of visiting, remembering Paul over the years, talk of Bonzo Deer Camp, Paul being born "in charge" and fun times we all remembered. There were a lot of tears and a lot of laughter.

They were celebrating Oktober Fest at Kolob Rehab. Rick and Eric, always the clowns, came prancing into Paul's room looking like this
I know the picture isn't very good, but you get the idea. It was a light moment that we all liked. Then we had Brandon remove the plate of sauerkraut so we could breath again.
There were many light moments over the weekend. Here are some pictures of Paul's grandson, Kadyn, playing in Great Grandpa Bonzo's backyard, which was flooded with water. He brought light and laughter, at least to me, as I snapped these pictures.

Kadyn has Paul's gloves on his feet like flippers. LOL!

There was much laughter and happiness, family togetherness. I will miss Paul always, but I will try and take something from his life, from his example, and make something in my life better - for Paul - because of Paul. Out of sad things can come good things. I'll find those good things.

Baxter and Kadyn - best buddies.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rickism and Youth Corrections

I think I’ve mentioned before that Rick and I go to Youth Corrections on Monday nights, for Family Home Evening with the boys housed there. There are 9-10 couples who go each week, and 10 boys at the most, that are housed in the long term area. This is a calling that Rick and I really enjoy. We are supposed to be good examples to our assigned boy and teach him the gospel.

In the past we have had great experiences with the boys we have met with. We always worry about what they will do and how they will do after they are released. We have had 2 boys prior to our current one. Our first one was John, and we got quite attached to him. Coming from a home where there was no background of family, but a lot of selling drugs, and various “house guests”. He was unique and had a huge chip on his shoulder. We really worried about him, justifiably so. We’ve seen him once in the past year and he had reverted back to his negative, the world owes me, self. Rick offered to help him find a job, he wasn’t interested, but he was interested in us giving him money, which we did NOT. Anyway, we always read the arrest notices in the paper, and sure enough, before long there was his name, he was arrested for drugs. THEN we get a call from him about help with a job.

We also got very attached to a boy named Brittan. He came from a better home, not great, but the kids love each other and help each other. He told us about one Christmas going out and stealing a doll for his little sister, something she really wanted, and the big brothers couldn’t disappoint her. He has solid grandparents that have helped him when they can. He is awesome; we really grew to love him. When he got out he stayed here in Cedar, he wanted to stay away from his friends in St. George. He went to a semester of school at SUU and has a job locally. I’ve talked to him since he got out but we’ve not been able to get with him yet. He called and left me a message and I’ve tried several times to get back to him at work, with no luck. I really feel like he will make it. Great kid, bad choices.

Now we have Daniel, a quiet 16 (his birthday is today) year old from the Vernal area. He's warming up to us and even smiles occasionally. We don't know what his offense was, we aren't allowed to ask, but he is supposed to be released in August. We knew with John and Brittan what they had done, they voluntarily told us.

Well, all that said just so I could tell you about another “Rickism”. It was our turn to be host couple last night. This means that we are in charge of the prayer, thought, music and treats. I told Rick yesterday morning that if he would get the lesson I would get the treats, fair trade I thought.

He got out the Family Home Evening Manual and studied a lesson. While we were sitting in the parking lot at the correctional facility, I asked him about the lesson and he said he was waiting for a “revolution”. I cracked up; he smiled and asked what the right word was. I could have told him it was a revelation or inspiration but instead I refused to tell him, I just said “boy, you really need to go to church more often.” I did tell him that he was waiting for a war of sorts, an over through of a government. LOL! Love that man!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Remembering our Freedom Fighters

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Am I remembering the things and people that I should be remembering? In Canada this occasion is call Remembrance Day. That's what I need to do, remember those who have sacrificed for me to live free, to be free to chose how I worship, free from persecution.

My dad and father-in-law both served in the service. My dad was in the Navy, and Rick's dad was in the National Guard. They both served honorably. Rick's dad served in World War II and the Korean War, was actually wounded in World War II. My dad has been gone for 25 years and didn't leave us with much information about his service, and Rick's dad doesn't want to remember what he did or saw. This should serve as a good reminder that we need to journalize things that happen in our lives, then our children and grand-children will be able to read about our lives. Reminder to me - write in that journal more often.

Anyway, on this Memorial Day, I will humbly remember my Dad and Rick's dad and be ever so thankful for their service. I will also remember those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice for me, and for you.

I will also remember, in my prayers, the families of soldiers lost, families of soldiers currently serving and families piecing lives back together after the safe return of their loved ones.

Always remember.....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Jell-O capital of the world - well not quite the world

Reading Suburb Sanity the other day, Deb had posted about going to military functions when her husband was in the Navy. Every dinner function they attended, Banana Pudding was on the table, every time, including the going away party that was held for them when their 4 year enlistment was up.

It got me thinking about Utah’s rich heritage and our penchant for Jell-O, you know the wiggly, squish through your teeth stuff that we see at all our Church and family functions? So I Googled “Utah Jell-O” and came up with some valuable information.

Did you know that if you live in Utah you are living in the “Jell-O Belt”, also referred to in Wikipedia as The Mormon Corridor. Jell-O has been designated as Utah’s official snack food, apparently because Utah has been the highest per capita consumer of Jell-O for many years.

In a current article in Salt Lake Magazine, Jeremy Pugh talks about growing up around LDS families and that Jell-O was a staple at gatherings, to satisfy the children and their sweet-tooth {or is it sweet "teeth"?}

There is a wide variety of flavors, but the flavor of choice at the weekly Sweetheart Grandma Gathering is “red”. Hum, like Jeremy said “is that a flavor”?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine flu news flash

My good friend Kami has a darling daughter named Brinley. Well she was sick over the weekend and she told her mom that she thought she had the swine flu. Kami, not missing a beat, said "OH NO, SMELL YOUR SKIN, DO YOU SMELL LIKE BACON?" Cute little thing said "I think I do". So if you smell like a hunk of breakfast meat, you might have the swine flu. LOL!

Reminder to me

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.

- Kahlil Gibran

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Part of being sAnE is being a little bit cRaZy.
- Janet Long

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good friends

I am truly so blessed to have good friends in my life. Over the years I have had some of the best people in my life, people that have loved me when I have been pretty unlovable; people who still care about me even after long absences.

About 23 years ago our very good friends, Rod and Joann Taylor moved from Scenic Enoch to Gunnison, Utah. They had been such good friends, helping us become a better "us". They had 2 boys at the time, Jeremy and Eric. Justin is about 2 years older than Jeremy and Eric is a couple of years younger than that, so I guess Justin was about 13, Jeremy 11 and Eric 8 or 9. When the Taylor's moved we were pretty sad, I remember crying in Sacrament Meeting when we sang "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again" and being so sad to have them leave.

Over the years they have been blessed to add 2 more boys to their clan; Rick (my Rick's namesake) who is 22 and Dillon who is 19. Jeremy and Eric are both married with families of their own. Jeremy has 3 children and Eric one. All 4 boys have turned out great, very responsible, good and kind.

Last week I got a call from Joann saying that they were going to St. George to see Rick, who's going to Dixie State and they wanted to go to dinner with us on their way. I have seen them a couple of times the past 3-4 years but my Rick hasn't seen them for about 10 years.

They stopped by the house Friday night about 6 and it was as if time had stood still. Where had the years gone? They still look the same to me and we didn't miss a beat talking and getting caught up on the past 23 years. They are still such wonderful friends and we will always so appreciate their guidance and love all those years ago.

We went to dinner at Wingers and visited for another 2 hours before saying good-bye and promising to stay in touch better. I really think we will do that. It's so great to have good friends that leave such an impression on our hearts.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Speaking of Blogs

Idleing away my Sunday (between sessions of General Conference) I've been reading some pretty interesting blogs. Check this one out. It's about customer service, dealing with the public and how they aren't ALWAYS right.

Just like the lady that was upset with the city in February. Seems we "mishandled" the money she paid for the Viet Nam Memorial, IN HONOR OF HER SON. We receipted the money just as she requested on her form, to the Korean War, and when we couldn't find it in the Viet Nam Memorial, she demanded we refund her $150.00. That's right, showed us, our fault SHE's not honoring HER SON. She really taught US a lesson, yep she did. We do weird, unexplainable things, eh?

The blogosphere

I really need to get a life. At least a blogging life. I love reading a lot of blogs, but have a hard time deciding that I have anything interesting/fun/happy/sad to say.

I get started reading blogs and I could go on all day long. On Friday, Meganola sent me the address to her aunt's blog. Her writing reminds me a little of Debbie's. They both have fun stuff to say and a unique way of saying it, both have a great sense of humor and are very good writers. I always check out the other blogs they follow and have found some really good reading.

Well, after reading Meganola's aunts blog, I checked out her good reading and found this blog. This particular post is about my good friend, Pam, who passed away in January, after a VERY valiant fight against cancer. What an honor for her and her family. I wouldn't have known about this without the blogosphere.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Stick Figure Family at

Make your Stick Figure Family at

Aren't we such a cute family? Do you have any idea how hard it was to suck my stomach in that much???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


With the dedication of the Draper Temple Sunday, check THIS out. It's short, but tells a great story about why we build temples.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Moanie Monday

Do you ever have days where you wake up weird? I mean I'm not totally ornery but not happy either. I wonder what the heck I was dreaming last night. I didn't exercise this morning and I don't even care. I'm kind of ticked at everybody. Now understand that I realize nobody has done anything to me this morning, it's my weird mood alone.

It would be a good day to hibernate with a good book and Baxter. Seems like he's the only one I like today, including myself. I'm praying for an intervention so I don't alienate everyone in the office. Not to mention poor Rick.

I'm getting a pedicure at lunch with my little mom, that should help. And if CERTAIN people in the office will stay out of MY office, I think I'll find my way back to sanity before Rick has to deal with me. We don't want a "silence is golden" evening.

That's subject matter for another blog, Hawaii, silence is golden. Will be something to laugh at.

Have a "Meaningful" Monday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Life

My childhood was a happy time. We, my 2 brothers and I, were raised on 1150 West in Cedar City, Utah. Our parents were loving and supportive, we didn’t lack for much of anything. That’s not to say we had a lot of money, we were comfortable and had a happy life.

Our street, still today, has big, full trees lining both sides of the street. Most of the neighbors who were there throughout our younger years are still there today. Our mom still lives in the home where we were raised. Our dad passed away almost 22 years ago at the young age of 64. Wow, all three of us are getting close to that.

Growing up on 1150 was quite an experience. All families were somewhere close in age, so there were friends close to our ages to play with. In fact right across the street was the White family. One daughter, Deb, was one year younger than me and we were good friends; she is now married to my cousin. Another White daughter, Barbara, was 3 years older and is now my sister-in-law. There were the Ence girls, the Esplins, Holmes, Sanders, Irons, and I was really lucky to have some very good friends in the Ott girls.

We used to play night games, Simon Says, Hide and Seek, I don’t remember playing kick the can. We would stay out way past dark, feeling and being totally safe. We had enough “mothers” on the street, that our real moms knew where we were all the time.

I was really a wimp, kind of a mama’s girl. I remember sleeping outside with some of the girls on the block. Sometimes we would sleep behind the White house, where there was a big open field. Sometimes we would sleep in the Ence trailer. It didn’t matter where I “planned” to spend the night, I always ended up in my own bed, safe and secure. I would lay awake after everyone else was sleeping and either see big bad things in the field or the trees scraping on the trailer were going to tip us right over. Mom and dad learned to just leave the front door open because I would be home to sleep. Good friends, I don’t remember them ever being mean to me because I was such a baby.

The big field behind the White house is now part in Interstate 15 and a trailer park. My brothers used to build huts in the field, along the ditch bank, using willows. I remember playing in the fields but not actually digging a hut, just using the willows for our shelter. When we were teenagers we went from making huts in the fields to “snipe hunting”. We would take any newcomer to the area out into the field with a paper bag and have them watch for the nearly invisible “snipe”. Now we know they never really existed – or did they?????

Up the street, on the corner, was my very bestest friend, Diane. We hung out together from around the 5th grade clear through high school. We used to play dolls, imagine that, 2 young girls playing dolls. We always had boy friends – another imagine that – and she ALWAYS picked Elvis to be her boyfriend and I was always STUCK with Ricky Nelson. What a bummer. We had “Kitten” dolls, little baby dolls with soft bodies and I remember being mad at her for wetting and curling the hair of my doll and making it all kinky and yucky. Never was the same.

She really was my best friend. We had so many great times together. There were some pretty stupid times as well. I remember when we were in junior high and I was “pumping” her on the handle bars of my bike. She was kind of freaked because I was going fast, she kept asking me to slow down. Being the obnoxious teenager that I was, I just went faster. Finally she realized what I was doing and ask me to go faster, at which point – you guessed it – I slammed on the breaks sending her off the handle bars and onto the roadway, right in front of my bike. Things happened so fast, the next thing I knew I felt a “bump, bump” and realized that I had run right over her. Still cracks me up – nasty aren’t I? Anyway, she survived with just a little road rash, and she still spoke to me. We used to go swimming every day (to see my boyfriend) and her banged up knees kept her away for a while. What a brat I was! She is still a very good friend. We don't see each other much at all. She's in California, I think good thoughts, but don't dial like I should.

There are so many great memories from my childhood. Amazing parents, brothers that I truly love, respect and look up to, especially today. The feeling of love that abounded in our home was the best ever.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Post Valentine Post

Reading Suburb Sanity tonight and her post for Valentine’s Day, I thought maybe I’d talk a little about Rick and I. Where to start?

We were high school sweethearts (sigh). We married at the end of my senior year and Justin was born before our first anniversary. We struggled and played for a couple of years, then divorced for a couple of years. Finally we decided we couldn’t live without each other (another sigh). We’ve been married (this time) for 33 years, that’s kind of weird when your only child is 36, but that makes life more interesting.

He celebrates our first anniversary and I celebrate our second, so needless to say we don’t really do anything for either one. Not that I really care, sometimes he has to remind me that it’s our anniversary (which one?) Anyway, anniversaries have never been a huge deal to me.

Now one un-holiday, Father’s Day, is kind of a favorite of mine. Those wonderful male type people that plan National Guard summer camp must not want to be home for Father’s Day. For many years Rick was gone on this day. So……one year I got the brilliant idea to order Victoria’s Secret “stuff” and have it delivered directly to him at Camp Williams. So for a few years, during mail call on the Saturday before Father’s Day, he would receive a special package from “Vickie” and keep all the guys guessing. Rick loves to joke, and he takes as well as he gives, so he loved the questions and raised eyebrows the packages brought.

The first Valentine’s Day Rick was away from home, still in Mississippi training for Iraq, I was at work as usual and in walked Marilyn and Margene from Albertsons, carrying the most beautiful red-tipped, yellow roses I’d ever seen. Still makes me cry thinking about it. He’s so cute, HE loves yellow roses with red tips, so he will occasionally bring them home from work and he always says “they’re your favorite, aren’t they”? The same kind of roses arrived by the same delivery girls the next Valentine’s Day when Rick was in Iraq. He has some very thoughtful friends at work, and he loves me.

We’ve now been married quite a while, we’ve pretty much gotten used to each others weird issues (not that I have any). He’s become my best friend over the years. He’s the one I want to spend time with, whether it’s at home arguing over the TV changer and whether I can read AND watch TV at same time or not, or going out to a nice restaurant, he’s the one. We don’t go to too many movies, he kind of has a “don’t like movies” block, but I really just want the big bucket of popcorn anyway.

So, when he gets home next Sunday I’ll be on my very best behavior so he knows just how much I’ve missed him these past 2 ½ weeks. I’ll try to weasel a movie out of him, and he might agree and then I’ll probably want to stay home where it’s warm and cozy. We’ll probably compromise with me bringing dinner home from Costa Vida, and enjoy ourselves and an evening at home with Baxter and the Bonz’.

Rick and I at Kits Beach, Vancouver, BC July 2008

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

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Quincy, Shay, Tanner and Rick in their 3D glasses enjoying the commercials.

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Mom, aka Sweetheart Grandma, stunning in her 3D's.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday

This picture is me in front of a store called "JB and Me" in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is a cute store with fun, funky stuff. Justin spent the week with me in Grand Rapids in August last year and we stumbled onto this store. He has a picture like this with him pointing to the sign, which he promises to send. This sign has significance because we have some very dear friends that nicknamed him "JB", for, of course, Justin Bonzo. Albo has since passed on but his beautiful wife Maggie "Muggs" still calls him JB, even though he's now 36, and he still loves her for it. So, some very special times in my life have been spent with just "JB and Me".
Cheaper Than Therapy

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A place to get sandwiches and pizza - DoNiMos.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Discombobulated in Bolivia

After reading Debbie’s post at Suburb Sanity today, about her son being discombobulated, and combobulated not being a word, it got me thinking about “Rickisms”.

Now anyone that knows my Rick knows that there are times his tongue doesn’t spit out exactly what he meant for it to. Things get twisted and “discombobulated”.

Example in point. After his tour of Iraq, well really his whole adult life, he’s had a hard time sleeping. I know without a doubt that it’s not my snoring, I admit I snore, but how bad can it be? Well, that’s for another time.

Anyway, we bought him some Melatonin and to help him sleep. Justin just happened to be visiting (good witness) and Rick said he was going home and take a melanoma and go to Bolivia. He really meant that he was going home and take a melatonin and go into oblivion. From then on we joke that we are going to “Bolivia”.

Great guy, takes as good as he gives. We still call that clothing brand “Tommy Hilliger”. Gotta love him and his twisted tongue.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

All tucked in

I've been watching for something fun or funny to blog about. Not much going on lately. Well today I finally have something funny to tell everyone. Not that it's really something I'm proud of or even really want to admit I did, but here goes.

You know how you see little kids come out of the the bathroom with their dress tucked in their panties? Well that was me today after a funeral in my ward. The family and most of the congregation had exited the Chapel, I walked to the front to move some flowers to the gym. A lady in my ward was right behind me when I started to turn around and she was about to hyperventilate. She said "your skirt is tucked in your pantie hose or something". I could have slithered right out the door. She looked even more humiliated than I felt, I mean she was bright red. Instead of slithering like I wanted to, I laughed and made some lame comment, adjusted myself, and went on about my business. You have to realize I have a hard time laughing at myself, but I tried really hard, I'm trying even harder not to be REALLY BUGGED by the whole thing. I would guess there were only a small number of people who saw, because they were going the opposite direction I was, but wasn't one enough????

I came home and told Rick, thinking he'd never let me live it down, do you wonder about my sanity in telling him in the first place. Well, all he said was "that's better than toilet tissue hanging out of your pants". He had told me about a lady who had just come out of the restroom at Albertsons, where he works. She was wearing sweats and a sweat shirt, and trailing behind her was a string of toilet tissue hanging out of her sweats. What in the heck would you do? I'm sure he was rolling on the ground laughing his head off, not about to approach her and end her embarrassment.

I'm going to start watching other people really, really closely and blog about THEIR misfortunes not my own. Have a great weekend and be sure to look in the mirror at your butt before you exit the restroom.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Losing Pam

It seems that I've been posting pretty serious stuff lately. I really will post something happy and crazy sometime.

I lost a very good friend Sunday, after a 10 year battle with cancer. Her name is Pam Hunsaker and she's been the Treasurer at American Fork City for the past 24 years. Pam is the type of person that everyone flocks around. She's loud, cute, funny, smart, always happy. We have had some great experiences over the past 12+ years that I've been the Cedar City Treasurer. We've spent time playing in Chicago, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and St. George. We've gone on boat tours, watched fireworks, eaten waaaaaaay too much and enjoyed every minute.

One of our best trips was to Chicago in 2005. Rick had been in Iraq for about a month, so he was otherwise occupied. Justin and Chris met us all in Chicago to spend the week playing. I flew from Cedar to Salt Lake and the rest of the way with Jolene Jackson, Claire White and Pam. As we got off the plane and went to retrieve our luggage, there stood Justin and Chris waiting for us. Pam, Jolene and I are all within a year of each other, Claire a little older. I think Justin and Chris weren't really sure what to do with all us women, and they named us "The Premarin Patrol". We shopped, ate, played, and ate some more. In between, we actually found time to attend our training. We had a great time and it will always be one of my favorite trips. Here are Pam and I in Chicago.

This is Pam lovin' on a male mannequin during our Chicago trip. Pam was always like this. It didn't matter if she was feeling under the weather, she was the life of all the parties. She is such a great example of endurance and love.

Pam has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Her oldest son just got married in November and I understand that she felt well enough to have Thanksgiving dinner at her house in November. It was just the first part of December, after feeling so tired and run down, she went to the doctor and was told to get on hospice, there was nothing they could do for the cancer, that had spread so quickly and so far.

Bless her heart, she fought a good fight, for 10 long years. She so wanted to stay with her family, and us her friends, that love her so much. Thinking about her today I just know that Heavenly Father is having the time of his life. He's enjoyed watching her from afar, now that she's there with Him, she is totally entertaining Him. She will absolutely keep Heaven hopping.

For our friends that were to our conference in St. George in May, remember Pam the professional "butt drummer". This will always make us laugh and remind us how short life can be. We love you Pammie and will miss you so much.

Me, Jolene, Deanna and Pam having fun in Chicago.