Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Part of being sAnE is being a little bit cRaZy.
- Janet Long

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good friends

I am truly so blessed to have good friends in my life. Over the years I have had some of the best people in my life, people that have loved me when I have been pretty unlovable; people who still care about me even after long absences.

About 23 years ago our very good friends, Rod and Joann Taylor moved from Scenic Enoch to Gunnison, Utah. They had been such good friends, helping us become a better "us". They had 2 boys at the time, Jeremy and Eric. Justin is about 2 years older than Jeremy and Eric is a couple of years younger than that, so I guess Justin was about 13, Jeremy 11 and Eric 8 or 9. When the Taylor's moved we were pretty sad, I remember crying in Sacrament Meeting when we sang "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again" and being so sad to have them leave.

Over the years they have been blessed to add 2 more boys to their clan; Rick (my Rick's namesake) who is 22 and Dillon who is 19. Jeremy and Eric are both married with families of their own. Jeremy has 3 children and Eric one. All 4 boys have turned out great, very responsible, good and kind.

Last week I got a call from Joann saying that they were going to St. George to see Rick, who's going to Dixie State and they wanted to go to dinner with us on their way. I have seen them a couple of times the past 3-4 years but my Rick hasn't seen them for about 10 years.

They stopped by the house Friday night about 6 and it was as if time had stood still. Where had the years gone? They still look the same to me and we didn't miss a beat talking and getting caught up on the past 23 years. They are still such wonderful friends and we will always so appreciate their guidance and love all those years ago.

We went to dinner at Wingers and visited for another 2 hours before saying good-bye and promising to stay in touch better. I really think we will do that. It's so great to have good friends that leave such an impression on our hearts.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Speaking of Blogs

Idleing away my Sunday (between sessions of General Conference) I've been reading some pretty interesting blogs. Check this one out. It's about customer service, dealing with the public and how they aren't ALWAYS right.

Just like the lady that was upset with the city in February. Seems we "mishandled" the money she paid for the Viet Nam Memorial, IN HONOR OF HER SON. We receipted the money just as she requested on her form, to the Korean War, and when we couldn't find it in the Viet Nam Memorial, she demanded we refund her $150.00. That's right, showed us, our fault SHE's not honoring HER SON. She really taught US a lesson, yep she did. We do weird, unexplainable things, eh?

The blogosphere

I really need to get a life. At least a blogging life. I love reading a lot of blogs, but have a hard time deciding that I have anything interesting/fun/happy/sad to say.

I get started reading blogs and I could go on all day long. On Friday, Meganola sent me the address to her aunt's blog. Her writing reminds me a little of Debbie's. They both have fun stuff to say and a unique way of saying it, both have a great sense of humor and are very good writers. I always check out the other blogs they follow and have found some really good reading.

Well, after reading Meganola's aunts blog, I checked out her good reading and found this blog. This particular post is about my good friend, Pam, who passed away in January, after a VERY valiant fight against cancer. What an honor for her and her family. I wouldn't have known about this without the blogosphere.