Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Baxter, Reggie and the Bonz

We lost our sweet Baxter 14 months ago. He's sitting nicely on my plant shelf and I still tell him good-bye every morning. He was such a sweet gentle spirit and left us just like he lived, quiet, without fanfare, peaceful. He made sure we didn't have to make the decision no pet lover ever wants to make. He also left before it got too hot, he didn't like the heat, and he left in time for us to find out about a litter of puppies, Golden's just like him. We brought his little brother home from Parowan Labor Day weekend 2015, and there hasn't been a dull day since. We feel like since we lost Otis, Baxie's brother, so soon, (he was only 3 1/2) that we are getting the chance to raise him now. Reggie Mac is so much like Otis, his shape, his happy, waggy body, and his love of destroying every toy we buy him. We love this little guy. It's a good thing Rick and I both love dogs, our marriage would never survive if only one of us loved them. Justin also loves animals and especially Reggie Mac right now.