Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy, rainy Thursday

It's a happy, rainy day in Cedar City. Fresh air, the wonderful smell of rain, pretty green lawns and bright colored flowers, HUGE raindrops with a little hail mixed in. Should go home tonight and mow the lawns, we'll have to see what the weather in Enoch has been like today. There's a big difference in the weather between Enoch and Cedar. Hopefully we got rain, but hopefully we didn't, lawns really need to be mowed, but we need the water. Nice cool night to sleep, IF the sun stays hidden behind the dark clouds, if not - hot, muggy night to sleep.

We are all happy and celebrating a little at work today. My cute little friend at work found out that her Pet Scan showed "no areas of concern". She has had cancer and her counts have been up for the past 6 months, so her cancer doctor ordered a Pet Scan on Monday. She was a glow-in-the dark friend for about 6 hours on Monday. They inject her with radioactive stuff then scan and watch it flow through her body. She is the most genuinely kind person I know and she's had some hard times her whole life. Things are looking up and especially getting brighter with the latest good news from the scan. She'll do blood work every 2 months and go see the doctor again in February.

Also, side note, I exercised again this morning bright and early. That's 3 times this week. Feel great, it really helps my attitude and makes me happier all day.

VERY happy, rainy Thursday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today is Tuesday, August 24th. It's my cute sister-in-law, Collette's, birthday. She got an iPad and is having a great time with it, she'll love it.

Last week I posted about life improving goals, exercise and scripture study. Well, last week I only exercised 2 times. I got lazy, stayed home with Rick one morning and just lost interest for a little bit.

My scripture study continued all week, reading about 8-9 pages each day. I'm finding that I am remembering more about the Book of Mormon because I've read it more over the past year. Things are coming together better than ever, I'm understanding it better, just a couple of examples of what happens when you do what you are inspired to do. Tonight I'm am on Alma 4. Alma is the longest book in The Book of Mormon and it used to drive me nuts until I was done. But this past year I've come to enjoy this long book, talking about wars, rumors of wars, the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi. I'm past where it talks about Alma the younger and the Sons of Mosiah trying to destroy the church and how an angel appeared to them, confounding Alma and converting Alma and the Sons of Mosiah; I really like this part. I'm now looking forward to reading, again, about the 10,000 stripling warriors, and how they were taught by their mothers. Love this part.

I have been into Spirit both Monday and Tuesday this week. Yesterday was easy, today not so much. I'm still not running a long ways, but if I'm consistent I will improve. I'm enjoying lifting weights and using the machines at Spirit. I want to firm up my arms, along with LOTS of other places, so the weights are exciting to me.

My little mom continues to enjoy her iPad. Imagine learning about the iPad at 88 years young. She's truly amazing. She loves reading her scriptures on the iPad and she also looks at Facebook each day, trying to keep up with the kids and grandkids. We are still working a little on email, that will come - then it's on to Google, Internet shopping and reading a book with iBooks, Nook or Kindle - all at her fingertips.

Surprising to me is the fact that my favorite thing to do on my iPad is read. I've always loved to read and I love holding the actual book, so I've been amazed how much I LOVE reading on my iPad. Since we got ours, the first part of July, I've already read 2 1/2 books with others downloaded and waiting. I'm finding lots of enjoyment reading again!

I'm pretty boring tonight, I'll try to find more interesting things to post about. For today, and this week probably, the is me - OUT!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Changes of life

From time to time I decide to make positive changes in my life. I'm kind of private about goals, I think that may be because if I share I'm more committed to the goal. So, today I start sharing some goals I'm working on, some days I'll fail and some days I'll succeed. This will serve more as a journal than a blog, so if you don't feel like reading personal stuff about me, that's fine and understandable.

Several months ago I had the impression to challenge the sisters in my Ward to read the Book of Mormon before General Conference in October. We had a kick off to the challenge on July 14, 2010 and suggested ways to complete the challenge by the end date. One way was to read 6.56 pages per day from 7/15/10 to 10/3/10. I went to a conference in South Carolina for a week and that totally shot my reading schedule. I'm now up to almost 9 pages per day to complete the challenge.

I've also wanted to lose a little weight and get rid of the gross love handles. I don't have much of a waist when I'm my thinnest, well now my waist is turning into more of an "outie" all the time. So, I'm determined to get back with my workout schedule which I abandoned sometime during Rick's Iraq tour.

My report for 8/16/10; I ran/walked 2 miles and lifted weights/used the machines at Spirit for 20 minutes. 20 minutes doesn't sound like much, that's all I can squeeze in because of my morning schedule at home, but it's better than nothing. I get up at 4:30 and go into town, park the car, run from Spirit around the hospital and back down Main Street to Spirit. I then go in and use the equipment. Then I go home and feed Baxter, get my fruit and sometimes lunch ready for work, then get myself ready and arrive at work about 5 minutes late. My tardieness is a goal for another day.

While I feed Baxter, morning and night, I read my Book of Mormon. This morning he ate fast and I only read 2 pages, so tonight I'll have to read the remaining 7. I am really enjoying reading again. Today I read about the tame and wild olive tree and I've tried really hard to understand the meaning. The challenge was inspired, and I know that. We are having some good experiences at church with the challenge.

So, enough for today. I'll update sometime soon, but I will be more consistent, like I'm going to be with my exercise.