Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week of Thanksgiving

Okay, so this week is Thanksgiving, so all of you need to give thanks.

My friend, Jill, in Oregon has been posting 5 things daily that she is grateful for. It turns out that she's been doing this in a "Gratitude Journal" since February 2000, that's a really, really long time. I love to read her "daily 5". She has inspired me, and while she started this on November 7th and will post these on her blog until Thanksgiving, I only have a week to post my "daily 5". I will start this on Sunday - that's tomorrow - Yikes!

In my Relief Society calling we have been worried about this next year and the economic troubles that may lay ahead for some. To set the example, we (the Presidency) will be writing in a gratitude journal. We think this may help others look for the positive in a troubled time. So wish me luck. I hope I can find some humorous things to be grateful, like Jill. One post read:

1. Multi-tasking. Today I did jumping jacks and squats while monitoring the pressure in the pressure cooker (and provided some comic relief for my family at the same time!)

Her blog is really fun to read and she posts the cutest family pictures. Good work Jill.

Tomorrow should be a good day to find things that I am grateful for. My friend Val Meacham just got her daughter home from her mission. Jenny reports her mission tomorrow in our old ward, Garden Park Ward. Then tomorrow evening Rick and Shay are providing a fireside for the Garden Park Ward. They will be talking about gratitude, imagine that! Having served together in Iraq, they will have many great things to talk about. I hope someone shows up to listen, besides family. You know how firesides go.

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