Sunday, May 24, 2009

Remembering our Freedom Fighters

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Am I remembering the things and people that I should be remembering? In Canada this occasion is call Remembrance Day. That's what I need to do, remember those who have sacrificed for me to live free, to be free to chose how I worship, free from persecution.

My dad and father-in-law both served in the service. My dad was in the Navy, and Rick's dad was in the National Guard. They both served honorably. Rick's dad served in World War II and the Korean War, was actually wounded in World War II. My dad has been gone for 25 years and didn't leave us with much information about his service, and Rick's dad doesn't want to remember what he did or saw. This should serve as a good reminder that we need to journalize things that happen in our lives, then our children and grand-children will be able to read about our lives. Reminder to me - write in that journal more often.

Anyway, on this Memorial Day, I will humbly remember my Dad and Rick's dad and be ever so thankful for their service. I will also remember those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice for me, and for you.

I will also remember, in my prayers, the families of soldiers lost, families of soldiers currently serving and families piecing lives back together after the safe return of their loved ones.

Always remember.....

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Michael & Nikki said...

Thank you for that post!! We are so proud of those in our family who have served!!