Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rickism and Youth Corrections

I think I’ve mentioned before that Rick and I go to Youth Corrections on Monday nights, for Family Home Evening with the boys housed there. There are 9-10 couples who go each week, and 10 boys at the most, that are housed in the long term area. This is a calling that Rick and I really enjoy. We are supposed to be good examples to our assigned boy and teach him the gospel.

In the past we have had great experiences with the boys we have met with. We always worry about what they will do and how they will do after they are released. We have had 2 boys prior to our current one. Our first one was John, and we got quite attached to him. Coming from a home where there was no background of family, but a lot of selling drugs, and various “house guests”. He was unique and had a huge chip on his shoulder. We really worried about him, justifiably so. We’ve seen him once in the past year and he had reverted back to his negative, the world owes me, self. Rick offered to help him find a job, he wasn’t interested, but he was interested in us giving him money, which we did NOT. Anyway, we always read the arrest notices in the paper, and sure enough, before long there was his name, he was arrested for drugs. THEN we get a call from him about help with a job.

We also got very attached to a boy named Brittan. He came from a better home, not great, but the kids love each other and help each other. He told us about one Christmas going out and stealing a doll for his little sister, something she really wanted, and the big brothers couldn’t disappoint her. He has solid grandparents that have helped him when they can. He is awesome; we really grew to love him. When he got out he stayed here in Cedar, he wanted to stay away from his friends in St. George. He went to a semester of school at SUU and has a job locally. I’ve talked to him since he got out but we’ve not been able to get with him yet. He called and left me a message and I’ve tried several times to get back to him at work, with no luck. I really feel like he will make it. Great kid, bad choices.

Now we have Daniel, a quiet 16 (his birthday is today) year old from the Vernal area. He's warming up to us and even smiles occasionally. We don't know what his offense was, we aren't allowed to ask, but he is supposed to be released in August. We knew with John and Brittan what they had done, they voluntarily told us.

Well, all that said just so I could tell you about another “Rickism”. It was our turn to be host couple last night. This means that we are in charge of the prayer, thought, music and treats. I told Rick yesterday morning that if he would get the lesson I would get the treats, fair trade I thought.

He got out the Family Home Evening Manual and studied a lesson. While we were sitting in the parking lot at the correctional facility, I asked him about the lesson and he said he was waiting for a “revolution”. I cracked up; he smiled and asked what the right word was. I could have told him it was a revelation or inspiration but instead I refused to tell him, I just said “boy, you really need to go to church more often.” I did tell him that he was waiting for a war of sorts, an over through of a government. LOL! Love that man!


Michael & Nikki said...

I loved your story about the boys! And I LOVE you Uncle Rick!! haha I just have to laugh.. I know those boys are SO lucky to have you there teaching and helping them! You are both amazing people!! I'm so lucky to have you as MY family!

DaNeil said...

What would we do with out our Rick?!