Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another week in paradise

I just love this picture. Baxter walked over to the couch the other night and just flopped his head down on Rick's chest. Rick wrapped his arm around Baxie and scratched his belly. You can tell that they are both very content to stay just where they are.

Running this week - well running/walking, getting better. My legs felt like they weighed a ton this morning, but what a mental boost is gives me just getting up and moving. I have worked out 3 days this week, missed yesterday, but will go again tomorrow. It makes me excited to continue and, hopefully soon, start to notice an improvement both in distance/time and spare tire deflation.

Shay and I have talked about our desire to run in next year's 1/2 marathon. This year was the first and they had over 500 participants, some of which were friends of mine. It started at Woods Ranch, up Cedar Canyon and came down into Cedar, then around some city streets before finishing at the Main Street Park.

Then there's the Redrock Relay that starts at Brian Head and goes through Cedar, Veyo, St. George and ends up in Springdale. This is a team relay and you can have up to 12 team members, and we think we should do this too. We could form a team of Bonzo's and Cowan's and call ourselves the "cowabonzo's", I think that's pretty clever. Hahaha! Anyway, I need to keep working out to get in better shape.

Scripture study continues. I'm in 2 Nephi Chapter 10. I need to push it a little so I can finish Friday, October 1st. It's funny, I'm getting excited to start all over again on General Conference weekend.

So, how's your week going?


Michael & Nikki said...

Aunt Wendy! Count me in as part of the Cowabonzo's! I have a goal to run a marathon (not a full just yet!) And if I had a motivator I could do it!! You should be my coach! :)

Justin said...

I LOVE this picture of Baxie and dad! Makes me feel happy and content just looking at it!

That is really cool about your running this week! Keep going!! And, count me in for the Cowabonzos!

bonzoodles said...

Cowabonzo's rule! I wish I was closer because I would love to do it! Maybe I still could, but training by myself would not be fun. People keep asking me to join their relay team up here but I just can't come to terms and do it. Running with family would be so much more fun though.

Congrats on the working out and scripture study. You're such a strong person!

Jill said...

Sign up for both!!! Races are my best motivators! When is the Cedar 1/2? The Red Rock Relay sounds fun too - I have a lot of friends and family who do Hood to Coast and the Cascade Relay here in Oregon every year -- I haven't done one yet but maybe someday. I'll come be on your team if you're taking non-cowabonzos!
Sounds like FUN!