Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

January 1, 2011, good day to reflect and contemplate the upcoming year. Rick and I know there are changes in store. For one thing he's changing jobs after 22 1/2 years. Fresh Market let their employees know on December 13th that the store would close the end of December. Merry Christmas to 60+ Fresh Market "family members". We have a couple of things in the works and we know that things will work out.

Usually by this time I have decided on changes I want to make in the new year. I'm non-committal right now. There's always the "get in shape" desire, "read my scriptures more" need, "be a better employee goal". Right now I'm not committing to anything very serious. One thing I'm committed to, a happy, healthy and positive 2011.

Oh, there is one other thing I have planned, well 2 actually. I will write in my journal more and I will blog more. Other than these things, well you'll be as surprised as I am.

Happy 2011 - bring it on!

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