Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy hump-day

Nothing much to post about right now (I'm at work and shouldn't be posting anything). Just wanted to say that it is a happy day, for no obvious reason, but a happy day.

I went visiting teaching last night to 3 amazing women and I have THE best partner in the Ward. And since I have final say on the partnerships, mine won't be changing anytime soon.

Tonight I have night Relief Society where I WILL learn to dip chocolates and make a corsage. I will be taking my friend Robin and I'm looking forward to it.

Rick has a yucky cold. He doesn't have night meetings this week so he can stay in and get feeling better. He also has the next 2 days off work. I think he's feeling more at home at Smith's. He's amazed at how busy they are and it's hard to keep up, but all in all I think he's settling in.

Tomorrow night is my escape night. I have book club and I'm so excited. We read "Matched" by Ally Condie, a cute Cedar City girl. I really liked the book, it's similar to Hunger Games, but not as stressful. I love book club, they are my cute friends that I can be totally myself around, and I just love the fun, relaxed time we always have. I'm a lot older than them, but I don't mind and they don't seem to either. They are great examples to me and make me very happy.

Having lunch today at my cute little mom's house. She's not doing wonderful, but she's a young 89 and I'm learning every day to be ever so grateful for having her here with me still. She's such a trooper and I absolutely love her to pieces. I think I'll have a Subway (my favorite) and she's having some soup I made in the crock pot yesterday.

So - again - it's just a happy hump-day.


Jill said...

Love your ramblings. They make me want to go to lunch! Are you running? I'm doing a 10-miler in April and a Half Marathon in June! So excited!!

Debbie said...

Your book club sounds perfect! It's so important to have friends you can truly relax around.