Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve, Eve

Justin came for Christmas, arriving in St. George Saturday at about 4:30. It's always so good to have him home. He keeps me grounded and helps me not be anxious about things I can't control. He's outside right now helping Rick sit the "Otie Tree" back up. Last year, after losing Otis, we started a tradition of putting a Christmas tree on the back patio in remembrance of Otis, and this year the wind keeps blowing it down.

It's cold today, having snowed again yesterday. Rick, Justin, Baxter and I went into Starbucks this morning and it was beautiful outside. It's truly a winter wonderland right now. Driving is kind of sketchy, but otherwise very beautiful.

Today mom and I both have hair appointments at 1, then Rick and I have to renew our military ID's, then it's off to Albertson's for last minute food shopping (I might decide to cook or something). Then a girl in our ward is in the hospital so Anige, Kamie and I are going for a visit.

Rick, Justin, mom and I are planning on having dinner somewhere in town then off to check out the Christmas lights. We'll go by the Tijuana house, the synchronized house in Fiddlers Canyon and wherever else it looks merry and bright.

We are looking forward to Christmas and are trying to keep the true spirit of Christmas in our hearts. We love this time of year and the happy, loving feelings it brings.


Michael & Nikki said...

Yay for Christmas!! You sound pretty busy!!! I hope you find time to relax.. Erica and I went by the house on cottontail the other night and just watched the lights, it't pretty intertaining! Tell Ricky he should do it next year! haha... Love you guys! See ya tomorrow!!!

Lindsay said...

So glad Justin is here! We can't wait to see him and hopefully be able to spend some time together! We'll see you tomorrow!