Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Plans and Ponderings

I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, the word resolution makes me mad. I think I’m kind of a rebel and non-conformist, so I like thinking of those strange things we all talk about at the beginning of each new year, as "positive life changes". No that’s kind of pompous. What about a new beginning? No that sounds like a Young Women’s program. I’m still trying to think of my own word or phrase that describes my New Year’s “things”. But I won’t wait for the right word or phrase, after all Thursday is the beginning of another new year. So some of the things, SO FAR, that I’ve been thinking about are listed here. I hope you can relate to some and laugh at others. I’m sure I’ll add to the list as time goes on. And I’ll be sure to let you know when I come up with an appropriate “thing” to call this.

Unconditional acceptance. Have you ever thought about meeting someone totally unlike yourself, someone maybe not as fortunate as you are? Maybe someone whose grooming habits aren’t quite up to snuff. What about the lady in line in front of you at the grocery store using her welfare card for stuff you can’t afford, whose kids haven’t had a proper grooming themselves that day? How do you feel? Are you compassionate? Do you mumble under your breath, do you step back from the un-groomed man? I will try this year to be more thoughtful when it comes to acceptance of those different from myself. People everywhere have different beliefs and different ways of doing things, that doesn’t make them good or bad, just different from me. I will try this next year to be more accepting of others, realizing that they too may find me different and strange.

Live for today, not because I don’t want to plan for tomorrow, but because I want to enjoy today. I don’t want to visualize what “might” happen, I want to experience all the good that is happening to me right now. I don't want to create anxiety before it's necessary. To do this I will try to look at situations in a more positive, "it's good today" mode.

I’m going to write in my journal more regularly. I have a “jottings” notebook that will become my “Gratitude Journal” and I will write 4 things daily that I’m grateful for. Doing this at Thanksgiving I realized just how superficial my gratitude is. I’m hoping that I will become more “deeply” grateful as I become more aware of my many blessings.

I will try to be more efficient at work, play and talk less and work more. I will try to be more understanding of those I work with and look for the best in them and let them know I appreciate them and their friendship.

I will study my scriptures more regularly and read good books. I will pray with more meaning and less selfishness. I will be more kind at home, less judgmental at home and away.

I probably will still procrastinate and dislike it as much as I do now. I will TRY to NOT procrastinate.

I will take better care of myself. I will try to eat a little healthier and if that means losing weight along the way, all the better. I will NOT deprive myself of some of the foods/treats I really enjoy. I will rack up the miles on my treadmill until spring, then I'll hit the streets again.

I will walk Baxter more this year. Some smart person said if your dog is fat YOU aren't getting enough exercise.

When I have the feeling that someone needs me or that I can do something to help someone, I will ACT not just think about it.

I will laugh more and complain less. I will try to control the little "evil twin" that lives in my head that feeds me negative energy.

Most of all, I will continue to love and care for my family. I will make sure Rick and Justin know they are the most important people in my life. I will watch my mom very closely, learning from her beautiful example. I will love my brothers and Rick's brothers and their families and completely enjoy the new additions they bring into this world. I will check with and visit Rick's parents more often and let them know that they are loved and how grateful I am for their love and support.

I will probably need to repeat all these again next year. But for now I have good, positive,happy thoughts and think I really can pull it off. At least for the first day or two of 2009.

Happy New Year to all you you!


Michael & Nikki said...

Wendy, your post was amazing your such a good writer!! All of your goals could be goals for all of us, to make us all better people! You gave me some good ideas on things I need work on myself! Thank you for your thoughts.. they mean alot!!! OH YA.. Thanks for having us over on Christmas, we always look forward to coming to your home, it's always so welcoming! We love you guys so much!!

alaynamarriott said...

Wendy, you are such an inspiration! Reading your beautiful words lifted me up, and reminded me of some things I need to do better. I hope you know what an amazing woman you are. You shine just like the sweet woman I call 'Grandma' - you are just like her! It was so great to see you for a minute over the holidays. Hope all is well there. Love ya lots!

Debbie said...

Oh wow. I can't believe I was gone and almost missed this post. How inspiring. I especially like the unconditional acceptance. I struggle to do that but need to work so much harder. This was a great post.