Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was a little sad. We were missing Paul, who we lost in September this year. We had a special candle lighting and reading for him Christmas Eve at Rick's folks house. We watched a video Todd had put together, cried and talked about Paul. There is a hole in our family that only Paul could fill. We miss him but are grateful for our knowledge of the Gospel, and that we can be together again.

After we left Rick's parents, we went to Randy and Collette's house. We had great food, I ate too many of Randy's candied nuts (way good), and enjoyed watching Lindsay's and Nate's cute kids, as they negotiated with their parents about what time they could get up Christmas morning. The story Randy read this year was The Last Straw and we got a cute bag of straw for our tree. I love going to their home on Christmas Eve, spending time with their family and mom.

Our Christmas this year was amazing. We started off the day at home, the 3 of us, 4 counting Baxter. I let Baxie out to use the bathroom about 6 a.m. When he came back in, he went right over to the couch and picked up one of the toys Santa left him, then went directly into Justin's bedroom and got up on the bed with him. It was like he knew exactly which was his Santa stuff, cute dog!

Anyway, Justin came upstairs about 7 and yelled "get up" to his dad, to no avail. I guess it's still tradition for Rick to refuse to get out of bed until he's good and ready. After he finally got up we got to see what Santa had brought, too much as usual, and then left for mom's.

Danny and Barb, Randy and Collette and Rick and I all buy gifts for mom's Christmas stockings. It's the highlight of the morning to watch her go through the stockings and "Ooooo and Ahhhh" over each little item. This year was no exception, we thoroughly enjoyed being with her and together Christmas morning. We ate delicious breakfast casseroles and ham and stuffed ourselves to the point we needed naps, which none of us got.

We then went to Rick's mom and dad's and enjoyed watching them go through their stockings. We gave Rick's dad a rubber chicken that appears to lay an egg, but it's still in the sack, pretty gross, but he laughed a lot at it. Eric and Lisa and their family and Scott and Lori were there and it was so fun to be together. It's been a while since Scott has been to family functions, it was great to have him there again. Justin's room mate, Chris, had arrived from Vancouver, BC while we were at Rick's parents. It was great to have him with us too.

Traditionally Rick's family and some of mine come out on Christmas afternoon. This year his parents, Eric and Lisa and their family, Scott and Lori, mom, Danny and Barbara came out, and we had invited a very good friend, Kristin McClellan, to come out too. We just hung out, ate, laughed and tried out my new weighted hoola hoop. It was pretty fun and funny at times. Now we'll see if I use it like I'm planning to do.

This Christmas I enjoyed our families more than ever, maybe I'm growing up after all. Remember I said "growning up" not getting old. Love this time of year and the feelings of a new beginning, lots of excited thoughts going through my head. I don't like New Year's resolutions, but I have plans for some good changes in my life. I'll keep you posted as my list developes.

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Michael & Nikki said...

We highly enjoyed Christmas this year, and especially because you open your house to us. we LOVE coming to your house, and appreciate your kindness, and YUMMY food!! xoxo