Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today is Tuesday, August 24th. It's my cute sister-in-law, Collette's, birthday. She got an iPad and is having a great time with it, she'll love it.

Last week I posted about life improving goals, exercise and scripture study. Well, last week I only exercised 2 times. I got lazy, stayed home with Rick one morning and just lost interest for a little bit.

My scripture study continued all week, reading about 8-9 pages each day. I'm finding that I am remembering more about the Book of Mormon because I've read it more over the past year. Things are coming together better than ever, I'm understanding it better, just a couple of examples of what happens when you do what you are inspired to do. Tonight I'm am on Alma 4. Alma is the longest book in The Book of Mormon and it used to drive me nuts until I was done. But this past year I've come to enjoy this long book, talking about wars, rumors of wars, the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi. I'm past where it talks about Alma the younger and the Sons of Mosiah trying to destroy the church and how an angel appeared to them, confounding Alma and converting Alma and the Sons of Mosiah; I really like this part. I'm now looking forward to reading, again, about the 10,000 stripling warriors, and how they were taught by their mothers. Love this part.

I have been into Spirit both Monday and Tuesday this week. Yesterday was easy, today not so much. I'm still not running a long ways, but if I'm consistent I will improve. I'm enjoying lifting weights and using the machines at Spirit. I want to firm up my arms, along with LOTS of other places, so the weights are exciting to me.

My little mom continues to enjoy her iPad. Imagine learning about the iPad at 88 years young. She's truly amazing. She loves reading her scriptures on the iPad and she also looks at Facebook each day, trying to keep up with the kids and grandkids. We are still working a little on email, that will come - then it's on to Google, Internet shopping and reading a book with iBooks, Nook or Kindle - all at her fingertips.

Surprising to me is the fact that my favorite thing to do on my iPad is read. I've always loved to read and I love holding the actual book, so I've been amazed how much I LOVE reading on my iPad. Since we got ours, the first part of July, I've already read 2 1/2 books with others downloaded and waiting. I'm finding lots of enjoyment reading again!

I'm pretty boring tonight, I'll try to find more interesting things to post about. For today, and this week probably, the is me - OUT!

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Jill said...

I love this! I need to start reading better and your post is just the inspiration I needed! Thanks for sharing. I read the Book of Mormon in a summer several times (3 chapters per day) and loved reading it that quickly - the stories really came to life. Good luck achieving your goal!!