Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy, rainy Thursday

It's a happy, rainy day in Cedar City. Fresh air, the wonderful smell of rain, pretty green lawns and bright colored flowers, HUGE raindrops with a little hail mixed in. Should go home tonight and mow the lawns, we'll have to see what the weather in Enoch has been like today. There's a big difference in the weather between Enoch and Cedar. Hopefully we got rain, but hopefully we didn't, lawns really need to be mowed, but we need the water. Nice cool night to sleep, IF the sun stays hidden behind the dark clouds, if not - hot, muggy night to sleep.

We are all happy and celebrating a little at work today. My cute little friend at work found out that her Pet Scan showed "no areas of concern". She has had cancer and her counts have been up for the past 6 months, so her cancer doctor ordered a Pet Scan on Monday. She was a glow-in-the dark friend for about 6 hours on Monday. They inject her with radioactive stuff then scan and watch it flow through her body. She is the most genuinely kind person I know and she's had some hard times her whole life. Things are looking up and especially getting brighter with the latest good news from the scan. She'll do blood work every 2 months and go see the doctor again in February.

Also, side note, I exercised again this morning bright and early. That's 3 times this week. Feel great, it really helps my attitude and makes me happier all day.

VERY happy, rainy Thursday.

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Jill said...

Is your little friend a mutual friend of mine? I'm sad to hear she's been worried and happy to hear she's doing okay and has a good prognosis. Keep me posted. I miss you guys!