Monday, August 16, 2010

Changes of life

From time to time I decide to make positive changes in my life. I'm kind of private about goals, I think that may be because if I share I'm more committed to the goal. So, today I start sharing some goals I'm working on, some days I'll fail and some days I'll succeed. This will serve more as a journal than a blog, so if you don't feel like reading personal stuff about me, that's fine and understandable.

Several months ago I had the impression to challenge the sisters in my Ward to read the Book of Mormon before General Conference in October. We had a kick off to the challenge on July 14, 2010 and suggested ways to complete the challenge by the end date. One way was to read 6.56 pages per day from 7/15/10 to 10/3/10. I went to a conference in South Carolina for a week and that totally shot my reading schedule. I'm now up to almost 9 pages per day to complete the challenge.

I've also wanted to lose a little weight and get rid of the gross love handles. I don't have much of a waist when I'm my thinnest, well now my waist is turning into more of an "outie" all the time. So, I'm determined to get back with my workout schedule which I abandoned sometime during Rick's Iraq tour.

My report for 8/16/10; I ran/walked 2 miles and lifted weights/used the machines at Spirit for 20 minutes. 20 minutes doesn't sound like much, that's all I can squeeze in because of my morning schedule at home, but it's better than nothing. I get up at 4:30 and go into town, park the car, run from Spirit around the hospital and back down Main Street to Spirit. I then go in and use the equipment. Then I go home and feed Baxter, get my fruit and sometimes lunch ready for work, then get myself ready and arrive at work about 5 minutes late. My tardieness is a goal for another day.

While I feed Baxter, morning and night, I read my Book of Mormon. This morning he ate fast and I only read 2 pages, so tonight I'll have to read the remaining 7. I am really enjoying reading again. Today I read about the tame and wild olive tree and I've tried really hard to understand the meaning. The challenge was inspired, and I know that. We are having some good experiences at church with the challenge.

So, enough for today. I'll update sometime soon, but I will be more consistent, like I'm going to be with my exercise.

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Justin said...

Cool new direction for your blog, but then again I love reading whatever you put in it! LYT!