Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 - Hump Day

Half-way through my week. Sometimes the first week back after being gone is a very, very long week. I'm trying to get back into the "really focused" mode that I was in prior to leaving.

I spent last week in Salt Lake to the Public Treasurer's Academy, hosted by the University of Utah. It was a great week, probably the best academy we've had so far. I am currently Co-education Director, along with Elaine Openshaw from Payson, for the Utah Association of Public Treasurer's. We were able to help select topics and teachers for our academy, and it was very rewarding. Karen Winningham, from the U is responsible for the academy and contacting the teachers. We are always so lucky to have high caliber teachers, most of which teach master's classes at the U. We also had the State Treasurer, Richard Ellis, there for a little bit and a half day class with Deputy State Treasurer, David Damschen. David is a regular with us and we are always excited to see him.

That was just a little background for today's gratitude's:

1. I'm grateful that I enjoy learning new things, that I don't fight change (too much) in the workplace.
2. A job that encourages us to stay current with changes in the workplace, especially since I work with finances and our economic times - well - pretty much suck.
3. Renon, what can I say, my BFF.
4. My basically happy spirit, I don't stay down too long, and I like being happy.
5. Faith and hope for a bright future.

Have a happy hump day.

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